Sacrament / Religious Education Catch Up

The religious education of children and their reception of Sacraments of Initiation can sometimes be interrupted or put on hold due to reasons beyond their control. Here at Holy Trinity we accept children where they are and can create an individualized plan to get them caught up on their religious education and reception of sacraments.

If your child has not been baptized, or is beyond Grade 2 and has not made their First Reconciliation or First Communion, please call the DRE so that a detailed plan of preparation can be created to help your child get caught up.

This plan may involve being registered in PSR classes, for a grade level other than where they are in their day school studies, and family based catechesis using texts provided by the DRE.

Parents taking advantage of this opportunity will be expected to support this process by being officially registered with the parish and attending Mass on Sundays.

For Baptism, there must be a founded hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic Faith. For Sacraments of Initiation, children are required to participate in two consecutive years of formalized religious education and sacrament preparation prior to the reception of a sacrament.

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