Family-Based Catechesis

According to Church teaching, parents are the first evangelists and catechists for their children.

Family-Based Catechesis [FBC] is a viable option for parents who wish to provide their children with religious education at home in lieu of PSR classes.
FBC is a viable option that counts toward a child's continuity in religious education.

Parents who choose this option of religious education are asked to register using the PSR registration form, and to check in the box for "Family-Based Catechesis". 
In turn, parents are provided with all necessary textbooks by the DRE as well as the Calendar and Lesson Checklist for the year. These are obtained at the FBC Parent Orientation meeting held in September.
This option requires consistency from week to week, as parents take about twenty minutes - on a day, and at a time of their own choosing. Parents will also be required to meet with the DRE about three times throughout the year, during scheduled check-ins, for a brief review of work completed and any questions parents may have.

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